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Gaia Movement
As an individual that has witnessed the abuse of pollution in my hometown and worldwide, it was no surprise that I became drawned to the Gaia Movement. Nothing is more refreshing then killing two birds with one stone as they say. Participating in the Gaia Movement is doing just that; as a member or volunteer one is educating others on environment protection while doing so at the same time through taking actions, and giving back to the community. Most of you are curious to know what actually the Gaia Movement is, because aren’t familiar with the term, as I wasn’t aware of myself. Well the Gaia Movement is a non- profit organization whose mission is to create awareness about the difficulty of the environment, to educate the community about caring for our planet, human race and the surroundings, to manage recycling operations and to support environmental projects and programs locally and globally. They began their operation in 1999 in Illinois and have now stretched out operations in Indiana and California.

Improving the quality of the environment is very important because our lives and other living things such as animals and plants depend on how well our environment is doing. According to (The modern environmental movement) Measures were taken by making a law to regulate the water quality which was called The Federal Water Pollution Control Act which was passed by congress. By becoming educated about these different type of green acts we can surely make a difference. When Earth day was born (the modern environmental movement) on April 22 1970 public awareness was raised on how much pollution, oil spills and damage was being done to this earth. It was time for a change. People started to take actions by joining different groups in schools, universities and other organizations such as the Gaia movement. People started to planting trees, recycling, donating their goods protested about oil spills, pesticides and toxic dump, which were harming our environment. People were unaware of all of these environmental concerns.

Looking into depth the movement that immediately caught my attention was The Gaia organization. They take action by collecting mildly used clothes, shoes and other items in general. Therefore everything it from the landfills while saving on the resources, decreasing greenhouse fumes, and providing decent clothes for thousands of individuals worldwide. Through their green drop off bins (by which they are recognized) they offer a useful way for people in confined communities to drop their unwanted clothes and other items. With their green bins they always make people alert of the must to act environmentally aware. As a donor one can receive a receipt for your donated clothing and fabric items. One can report and claim their donations in their income tax making it a win- win situation. The light green clothes recycling boxes have been popping up more frequently around the world. Money made from the donated clothes will be used by the funding organization (Gaia Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA) to help save the planet. With the earnings they on behalf of us set off the ideas and some of the practices of the protection of planet earth. Their main goal is saving and reusing resources.
Gaia sells mildly used clothes to resident thrift stores, and second hand wholesale dealers. All funds from the sales of clothes and shoes are used to help foreign and worldwide ecofriendly projects and educational programs. Currently on present day 90 percent of trades go to wholesale dealers. Mission is to attempt for no waste services, they do so through hosting volunteer actions with public schools. In these programs the children learn how to recycle and the importance of doing so. They separate plastics, cardboards, metals, cans, etc. all recycled materials separated are retailed to suppliers, that will make new products out of them. Gaia