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Research assessment –
Extended written response

NAME: ___________________________________ SEMESTER 2, 2014.

LENGTH: 800 -1000 words. DUE DATE: September

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7. Guidelines on Presentation:
a) Assessment must be presented in a report structure.
b) Originality in the choice of industry will be rewarded.
c) The final report must be concise.
d) The style of writing and manner of presentation should be interesting and attractive.
e) Information should be presented in the form of carefully selected graphs and/or tables as well as prose.
f) Headings and sub-headings should be used.
g) References and bibliography must be included.
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Knowledge and Understanding




Synthesis and Evaluation

A - very good response B - good response C - sound response D - fair response E - poor response

Prepare an industry report. The industry you choose to report on should provide a good or service to the Australian consumer. Choose an industry that has some form of business competition. Avoid industries that could be described as a monopoly or perfectly competitive.

The following are examples of areas that may be appropriate for your industry. While your report needs to include an Introduction and a section on Market Structure, Other Issues and Evaluation, only address those areas that are important or relevant to your chosen industry.

1. INTRODUCTION (100 words approximately))

Introduce the industry by giving a description of the industry, a brief history of the industry, type of product, and stages of production.

Gambling in Australia is a common recreational pursuit for many looking for an outlet of stress and the boredom caused by everyday life. An industry once considered synonymous with blackjack and poker has now shifted to meet the consumer demand for easier ways to access the wager market. Because of this, gambling in Australia has seen large increase of consumer expenditure resulting in a large amount interest for those looking to enter into the market.

Australia has a long association with gambling and has been at the forefront of many developments in the industry.

While gaming machines’ share of total gambling expenditure has risen, its growth appears not to have displaced other gambling modes (which have largely maintained their previous growth trends) but rather has been at the expense of other consumption items or saving (future consumption).

2. MARKET STRUCTURE (400 words approximately)

The increase of
There has been a rise in sports betting is being driven by the convenience of mobile, the ever-increasing availability of sports vision and increases in the depth and breadth of sports and bet types within each sport. The horse racing & sports market is forecast to have an annualised growth of 4.3% until 2018-19, up from the 2.4% forecast