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Video Gaming & its Effects
Adam Rogers
West Forsyth High

This paper is specifically about how video games do not have a negative effect or impact on society. Many believe and are mislead to believe that video games provoke violence and other negative effects on teens and adults. You can find in this paper that this statement is completely false. Video games do not provoke violence. In fact, it actually decreases it. Statistics show that as video game sales increase as well as their popularity, crime rates nationwide decrease dramatically. A lot of the facts in this paper are not only about teens but many different ages as well as the differences between the two genders. It is very interesting to see how video games affect both boys in girls in different ways. Another research experiment that is conducted and presented in this page is one that was done on college students with the Nintendo Wii on the effects of their moods and performance in school after playing video games for a long time. Another test that is very similar and follows is a test done on three different genres of video games and with a wide range of age. This one also test the effects of the participants moods and actions after playing certain types of video games for a continuous amount of time. You will see in both experiments that the results are completely positive with barely any negative effects to worry about.

Video Gaming & its Effects

In today’s society many people are influenced and often surrounded my media of all kinds. One specific type that is increasing in popularity over the years is video games. No matter what age or gender someone is, they are often subjected to play or witness the use of video games. Particularly video games are seemingly popular with teenage boys. Throughout the years people have been contemplating on whether or not video games are a positive or a negative impact on society. Some of our older generations would argue that kids should spend more time outside playing and getting exercise rather than staying inside all day playing video games on the couch. Some might even say it damages brain cells and strains your eyes from staring at the screen for many long continuous hours. But these are only minor complaints compared to some of the others that are out there. Some people firmly believe that video games provoke the action of violence in our youth and is raising the crime rate of our country. This is because some videogames do portray acts of violence and people believe that our youth is very impressionable and needs to stay away from things like this in order to grow up and become a sane functional member of society rather than a psychopath murderer. So in the end the questions all seem to come down to one main question overall; Does video games have a negative effect on society? Well I’m