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Stephanie Ruvalcaba
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Joseph Haske
July 3, 2013
Gas Price! Gasoline is consumed every day on a daily basis by millions of people all over the world. Over the years gas price increased their prices tremendously, prices go up and down all the time! There are several factors why this has happened to start off it begins with the oil refineries which is where the gas comes from. People blame wars and the president Obama as to why prices go up as well after he took over, the economy has just been really bad in these past few years. Back in the day during the 1950s gas price was really cheap nothing compare to what they are right now. The price range per gallon would be about 29-50 cents within the years it started to increase little by little; now a day the gallon is at about 3.80 it keeps going up and down but not by much. “The roller coaster rise and fall in gasoline and diesel prices over the last few years tracks changes in the cost of crude oil” ( The world’s demand for oil increased sharply for several years, peaking at 86 million barrels per day in 2007. However, the global economic slowdown in recent years reversed this trend and demand fell for two consecutive years to just 85 million barrels per day in 2009, or 1 million barrels per day less than at its peak before rebounding in 2010. The Energy Information Administration expects growth to accelerate over the next two years reaching 88.8 million barrels per day in 2012 and nearly 89.7 million barrels per day in 2013. Oil spills have occurred during this past few years and when spills happen millions of oil barrels are…