Gatsby: United States and Gatsby Essay

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Would the United States be a better country if everyone could make it? Or reach what they want? Probably but it’s impossible with the situation we have now days everyone competing for what they want and when there is competition someone has to loose, that means that the person who loses will not make it. In Gatsby almost every character had to do something that is not the best thing to do in order to make it. The American society believes they have to have certain type levels in society and that means that the ones on top are the people that made it but the ones at the bottom did not make it. Not everyone can make it in the United States because it is just impossible society will not let it happen. Not everyone is able to make it in the United States because they do not have enough money. Gatsby was not born into a family with money or power but he got so lucky and met wealthy guy that showed him how to get tons of money. How many people have you heard or know that get rich like that? It is super rare maybe one in every million people will get lucky enough to go through Gatsby’s luck and becoming rich and well known like him. It is a lot rarer now days because most of the times people get lucky and get rich are by the lottery but the chances of winning it its one in every eighteen million. But even when people have the luck to win or get lucky enough to win all the money they’re not always able to hold the money. Some people that have gotten lucky enough to win a lot of money and make it in the United States are not always able to hold it because they spend it on stupid stuff and in some cases the people spend all their money on addictions. Tom from Fitzgerald’s book “The Great Gatsby”, had reached greatness on his early 20s but years after that he doesn’t know how to spend properly all the money he had won and maybe in some years ahead he probably will not have any money at all so after he reaches this critical point he will try to go back and spend his money properly but it will be too late to go back. Sometimes when you think you made it because you got the money which means you got the power and you are able to hold both of them some people are too selfish to see the other people’s happiness they might try to take it all away or even kill for it. In some cases people are so selfish that they do not care if they leave some kids without parents or give torture to a parent by making killing one of their sons or daughters but they think if they cannot have it or make it then no one else can. In Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby”, Tom one of the main characters in the story is so jealous of Gatsby the main character because Gatsby has everything a guy can wish for or at least that is what he thinks. Tom is jealous because Gatsby has the “love” of his wife Daisy, he has a lot more power than he does, more money than he does, Gatsby is always surrounded by beautiful ladies and he also has an awesome yellow car. All of these factors make Tom want to have revenge against Gatsby and when he sees a way to get revenge and also not get his