Gay Marriage Essay

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The impact of gay marriage on social welfare in Minnesota
Gay marriage has been an intense issue in the state of Minnesota for some years now and quite recently it has been legalized. Whether it is positive or negative depending on how an individual would view it, the citizens of Minnesota have to deal with it. Despite the fact that it has been accepted by law, there are still many people who are strongly opposed to it. However those in support cannot believe how far they have come in embracing their relationship in public with pride and no fear. My concern here is not to debate about its legalization but rather to illustrate the impact on social welfare as a responsible citizen and resident of Minnesota.
First of all, I will highlight on some of the negative impact on our social economic needs. The state is going to begin to experience lowered reproduction as gay marriage cannot produce or bear children to the existing population. The next harm is health risk. The Homosexuals community tend to have diseases due to their intercourse practices especially they are likely to have HIV/AIDS as compared to the heterosexual community. (Statistics on HIV/AIDS and health related issues (/statistics-hiv-aids-health)
Since gay marriage now in place in Minnesota, the rationale behind it is to get residents of the state to accept the message and to treat homosexuals as equal members of the society. However legalizing gay marriage means having morals of minority forced upon the majority. Though it depends on how one defines good and bad morals, the vast majority who perceive gay marriage as negative and immoral have to suffer the stress at the expense of the few. Again the acceptance of gay marriage causes a decline of western civilization because marriage from the time immemorial was defined as a union of a man and a woman. Therefore to allow gay marriage according to some school of thought, is considered uncivilized. Some people also feel that the norms and the customs of the land has been pushed away.
Gay marriage affects people’s spiritual beliefs and so it would be extremely difficult for others to have anything to do with homosexuals and lesbians because many people think that legalizing gay marriage means changing the law of the land. The final point which is considered harmful to the society is a huge financial and emotional stress. Many would shun the company of homosexuals and lesbians and at the end of the day; it can have an adverse effect on our businesses. Many corporations may discriminate against homosexuals in terms of hiring though it is illegal to do so, some employers may squeeze their hiring process making it hard for homosexuals and lesbians to get job. This would cause the state of Minnesota millions of dollars to cater for the unemployed. Therefore homosexuals would begin to double and they would become a financial canker to the state.
In spite of the negative impact associated with homosexual’s community making it difficult for some people to accept them, there are some positive benefits that can be gained as a result of homosexuals commitment to remain married to their partners. First and foremost, there would be more