Gay Marriage Research Paper

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modernization to the processes of urbanization and industrialisation, as well as to the spread of education.
Marriage is between love and love
We live in world where we can communicate with people from around the world faster than royal mail can deliver the post to our front door. There has been increases in civil rights such as women being able to vote, divorce available for all and death penalty abolishment given to citizens
The principle of gay marriage is the matter of basic civil and equal rights, even if it was harmful how it would affect the churches, politicians and those around us? Equality and freedom should be extended to everyone around us regardless of sexuality. Some may argue what is the point in gays marrying? It is a matter of equality. Everyone should have the right. Marriage is a sacred and sentimental and represents our culture of sex, sexuality and relationships. Countries such as the Netherlands, France, Iceland and Canada already allow same-sex marriage with a few states within America granting civil unions. Homosexuality has been branded as a taboo and ignored many a time although it has been prevalent throughout history. Gay marriages will help stabilize society generally. They will be more able to integrate in society than stand out and be labeled which are for clothing not for people. Gay couples are more likely to adopt children and able to support their spouses in times of financial, emotional and medical need if they were to be married than to a burden to other family members. Marriage brings in financial incentives as a couple, as the get to share wealth and regulate property and the welfare of children and assets after death.
A common argument is that gay marriage undermines the institution of marriage but Britney spears and Jason Alexander were married for lengthy 55hours or Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian who were married for 72 days! I don’t think death did do them part. When foreign people marry to gain entry into countries, the most common marriages happening between American and Canadian citizens in fear of deportation. Abuse of the state But I thought marriage was legal contract between spouses that creates kinship not to be taken lightly as a joke or for monetary reasons? Another argument