Gay Marriage Research Paper

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Destiny Brown
Mrs. McNair
English 2 CP
26 September, 2013

Gay Love
Should people today be allowed to marry their love ones without caring if they are allowed to? Today gay people aren’t allowed to marry each other because of the law. People should be able to choose who they want to be married to whether it is the same sex legally knowing that nothing would change if they did. Gay marriages are no different than a male and female marriage besides being discriminated against. Gay people offer a great asset to their communities and society. Being gay have its limitation of marriage in different states where it’s banned at the highest level in the courts.
Gay couples have a hard time being accepted so they shouldn’t have to hear that they aren’t allowed to get married. Gay couples should have the same rights to go and get married just like heterosexual couples because it’s not going to change their minds about being with each other. According to Steven Lubet,” gay marriage should be legalized because it helps more people than it hurts them.” Being married to the same sex isn’t really affecting anyone, it’s just comforting the partners and warming their hearts. Anyone can be gay and become engaged but can they get married according to their sex?
Gay marriage isn’t just good for them, it also good to society because there’s more commitment to a lot of different things. “Gay marriage can reinforced the important values of trust, commitment, and partnership, which are important to society as a whole (Stein, Sherman) page 36. Gay marriage does not ruin other marriages or relationships because people have their own opinion. Homosexuals are no different from gay people. If homosexuals are allowed to be married to the opposite sex then gay people should be allowed to be married to the same sex.
Thinking about all the straight marriages today, gay people haven’t really ruin their relationships. The only way gay people can ruin their relationship is if