Essay about Gays in the military

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Jennica Beall
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Research paper
For years, gays in the military have been marginalized. I chose this group because in the society we live in, being gay isn’t socially accepted. When I looked at some sources, I was not surprised because I remember a show I watched a few years ago that showed real people’s reactions to real situations. One of the episodes was about people’s reaction to gays in the military. Some of the people were just rude and disrespectful. One of the guys told the said
“Dont ask, dont tell”(tvshow). Don't ask don't tell is a policy banning gays from serving in the military. It went even as far as if someone is found guilty of being gay could be court martialed, dishonorably discharged, and denied veteran’s benefits.

A news story titled, “One Year Later, Military Says Gay Policy Is Working”
( by Elisabeth Bumiller that appeared in the New York times. The article talks about how in the military some gay’s get looked over for promotions and assignments.
Being gay in the military is still not accepted even after Don't ask don't tell was repealed.
“Before don't ask don't tell was repealed it was thought that only 2% of people were gay, and after the repeal 32% of gays became openly gay”(

Several people have written books about this topic. A good non­fiction book that I would read if I had the time would be Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers, by Steven Zeeland. This book was reviewed by Gerry Burnie. He explained that the book, the Barrack Buddies and
Soldier Lovers puts lies in the proposition that gays did not exist in the military by telling the story of “sixteen homosexuals that served in the military”(Burnie). I would read this book

because I think It would be interesting to read about how the sixteen gays. A good fiction book that has been written on this subject is I’ll be your Drill, Soldier by Crystal Rose. According to one reviewer who said “It's not only the love story between two