Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay marriage should not be such a controversial topic as long as somebody feels loved by someone else no matter what their sexuality is. Gay marriage is a current issue of debate in the United States of America because the people that are against gay marriage feel as if it is nasty and that God didn't make it that way. The reason why same-sex marriage shouldn't be such a controversial topis is because I feel as if it should't matter who you love as long as you have somebody to love. A lot of people in today's society are against same-sex marriage. When you watch television or surf the internet all you see is signs saying things like "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" or on television people are standing outside a same-sex individuals' house trying to tell them that God hates them. Even though God made Adam and Eve, he still loves everybody in their own unique way. People feel as if a same-sex married couple cannot benefit or satisfy the needs of a child because the child might be raised to be a homosexual. If a gay couple wants to raise a child they should be able to its up to the child if they want to be a homosexual or heterosexual. Why should same-sex marriage be legalized? Same-sex marriage should be legalized because God loves everybody in their own way no matter what. People should be pleased that everybody is feeling loved in their own way. Many people do say it shouldn't be legalized because the bible says its not right. Other people say it shouldn't be legalized because they just don't like the fact that two of the same genders are married and showing their affection for each other in the public eye. A lot of people believe that if gay marriage is legalized the churches would be forced to go against their religion but yet some churches don't believe in interracial marriage and interfaith marriage. Another serious issue with the whole idea of gay marriage being legalized is that it might start being promoted in schools. The way I see it every child has the choice to make about being a heterosexual or homosexual person. Matter of fact their are a lot of homosexual kids in school so for people to say that making same-sex marriage legal is a bad idea because its going to effect the school systems is wrong. On one website that I was on it said that "If gay people really want to get married then all they have to do is become straight and married the opposite sex." That is true but yet not right if a gay person marries a straight person then they are lying to themselves because deep inside they want to be with the same-sex. Its really harder for the gay people