Essay on General Electric

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2. General Electric uses a multifaceted approach to help make them one of the industries leaders in engine production. This approach includes resources both financially and managerially. Financially General Electric has invested $50 million in new engine technology, with an additional $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion being required to help them bring new engine designs to the forefront. General Electric has also received a $20 million grant from NASA in order for them to create the first tester UDF engine. General Electric’s Aircraft Engine Business Group (AEBG) manages the production of GE’s engine technology. AEBG has successfully put together a list of resources including Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and others in an attempt to put …show more content…
6. At the current time, I feel that the UDF project is a logical venture to pursue for General Electric. If General Electric launches the new UDF engine design, then they would immediately move to the front of the pack in terms of leading the industry as an innovator. At the current time, Pratt and Whitney, the Allison Division of General Motors, and Rolls Royce are all engaged in some type of development of the UDF engine. However, these companies all have entirely too much on their current plate and are very skeptical about launching the new engine design due to an uncertainty in it feasibility and acceptance into the market. Because of these potential threats, these companies (GE’s direct competitors) have put these ventures on hold, giving them little attention. If General Electric and its AEBG go full blast with the UDF project, they will be the first in the industry to do so. This will allow them to be the innovator of the future of aircraft engine design. General Electric is already has major leadership in the commercial jet engine market, and the implementation of the new technology will help only increase its momentum in this area. The executives at General Electric are also very aware that any hesitation in the development of the UDF engine will allow their competitors to take the reins and become the market leader in this area if they choose to do so. Since the development of the UDF engine will