Essay on General Motors Analysis

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General Motors Analysis

I. Executive Summary
II. Company Overview and History
III. Analysis of External Environment a. Analysis of the General Environment b. Analysis of the Competitive Environment i. Dominant Economic Characteristics of the Industry Environment 1. Market size and growth rate 2. Number and sizes of competitors 3. Stage in the industry life cycle ii. Strategic Group Analysis 1. Strategic Group Maps a. Identify Primary Competitors b. Identify Potential New Entrants iii. Five Forces Analysis (relevant to strategic group)
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“FCVs can be twice as efficient as similarly sized conventional vehicles and may also incorporate other advanced technologies to increase efficiency.” Fuel Cells One more area of the automobile that is becoming more technologically advanced is the dashboard. Since a large portion of consumers are hooked on their iPods, the automobile is turning more into a “personal electronic device”, than just gauges that only tell necessary mechanical functions of a vehicle. Drivers will soon be able to use data systems that are more customizable, like an iPod. Automobile makers are taking a cue from the computer industry and starting to use the newest technology to enhance their vehicles’ dashboards. One of the latest ideas is to not only to be able to customize the gauges on a vehicle, but also for consumers to be able to move them to where they want them. Dashboards Another driving force of change is demographics. As the elderly population grows their preferences must be considered by the automobile industry. One affect the elderly population has on the automobile industry is as the baby boomer generation retires and becomes more conservative with their money, automakers may need to focus on their younger consumers. However, since the elderly population uses personal vehicles more than any other type of transportation, they must not be forgotten as the automobile industry markets their vehicles. Since the