General Public License

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General Public License (GNU)

In this article we will be going over GNU (general public software) and what it means. This will also include the reason for having the software and the guidelines to follow and stipulations regarding the GNU. We will be discussing its role not only as a software but also the uses that it is intended for.
Gnu is an operating system that is open ended and allows for its users to make complete changes. The operating system base is the same as that of UNIX OS. The freedom software comes with many of the basic features that most operating systems are using such as developer tools, libraries, applications, and it also comes with a program that specifically built to allocate resources while it communicates with the kernel of the operating system. This allows for a smooth overall operating and transition into developing the functions that the specific user desires. Since the early nineties the kernel for the Linux operating system was released under the general public license (GNU GPL) by its developer Linus Torvalds.

The GNU, also known as GPL is a general public license that is provided by the FSF (free software foundation Inc.). The software allows for you to use and modify as you like as well as share free software without any restrictions. Software such as this has to qualify as truly free by meeting certain conditions that must be followed. These conditions being that the user allow others to use the software as they please for any purpose and also allow for changes to the software by user so that it fits user’s needs. The user also needs to be able to share the software with anyone of their choosing and also share the modified version of the software as well.
There is a fine line of ruling when sharing the software with others that the user must be very fluent with. This is that when sharing the software, the user must also accompany the software with the source code he or she has. There are a number of violations users must look out for when using and distributing the software. If a user distributes copies of the