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HCS 483

All team members participated in the creation of this charter and agree with its contents X□ (Please check)
Virginia Waters

Course Dates:

03/13/2012 – 04/16/2012

Highlight Your LT Designation: A B C D

Team Members/Personal Information: Name


Cell Phone

Sherrone Jones

(908) 361-3189
Ashley Leatherman

Holly B. Fannin



Team Member Skill Inventory: Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop.

Learning Team Goals: You must reach a consensus on the following questions; not individual answers.

1. Include project assignment goals, group process goals, and quality level goals. The goal of the team is to work effectively as a team. To turn assignments in on time. Also to communicate professionally and let other team members know if you are running late on your portion or need help in a timely manner.

2. What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals? To achieve this collaborative team, we will behave as a team. Each participant would go to great lengths to help the project succeed. Things come up in a person’s life that may affect them turning their portion of the assignment in on time. It is important to communicate no matter the situation and explain that way we as a team can figure out.

3. State your LT’s process for resolution of these potential barriers. As a group, we will have open and honest communication. The key to working well in teams is to have great communication among everyone involved.

Ground Rules: You must reach a consensus on the following questions; not individual answers.

1. Meeting schedule, attendance expectations, agenda, assignment completion, communication methods, etc. If a team member is not contributing and collaborating effectively, the team will have a meeting or an informal discussion. This will enhance the effectiveness of the team by displaying the right attitude and saying the right things.

2. What will be done by LT members if one or more members miss the assignment deadline for their portion? If one or more members must miss a deadline, apologize for not meeting it, tell your team when they'll have your part, and then make sure you meet that deadline. The rest of the team will respect you more for owning up to your problem rather than blaming someone else.

Team Leader: You must reach a consensus on the following questions; not individual answers.

1. List the name of your team leader. Will your team choose a different leader each week?