General Zaroff Character Traits

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“Hunting is no longer a sport when an animal becomes easy to kill.” - General Zaroff. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford, and a friend are traveling by boat to go on a hunting trip. Rainsford ends up on the shore of Ship-Trap Island owned by wealthy General Zaroff. Rainsford approaches a giant chateau that belongs to General Zaroff. Rainsford stays the night at this giant chateau and General Zaroff then tells Rainsford that he hunts people. Rainsford is then put to a great challenge. Zaroff’s characteristics are very different from a normal person. General Zaroff is psycho, he hunts and kills people, which is highly abnormal. Lastly, Zaroff is inviting and seems to be a welcoming host until his game is revealed and the reader tries to piece the craziness together. All of the above combined make General Zaroff from ‘The Most Dangerous Game” the most interesting villain.
General Zaroff from The Most Dangerous Game, has some pretty weird elements working against him. General Zaroff lives on Ship-Trap-Island. He also has
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First, General Zaroff stocks his own island with game. Second, General Zaroff lives in a chateau. Lastly, He hunts people. General Zaroff claims that hunting is not a sport anymore when the animal becomes too easy to kill so that is why he would keep stocking his island with new animals. A chateau is a large French country house or castle. There are only two people, Ivan and General Zaroff, that live in this monstrous country house. The chateau that they live in is goth on the inside and has animals on the walls, not what you would expect in a normal chateau. Furthermore, General Zaroff took his bloodshed and hunting obsession way too far. Hunting animals is one thing, but hunting people is highly unnatural. To sum it up, General Zaroff, from “The Most Dangerous Game”, being awfully weird and psycho contributes to him being the most riveting