Chris Mccandless Characteristics

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Since school began, the 8th grade class has read some intriguing stories with all kinds of characters running around causing chaos. From venturing far into the wilderness alone and ill-prepared, to finding himself on an island with a man who hunts people, the types of characters and their personality traits are found in literature and are nearly never ending. However, three characters and their traits stand out above all in the stories that have been read so far this year.

The first character is Chris McCandless. Readers can easily infer that McCandless is uneducated. This can easily be inferred based on his seemingly unplanned actions. When he travels into the Alaskan wilderness unprepared, this shows he is uneducated about what it would take to survive in the bitter, wet Alaskan bush. Also, it is quite clear when McCandless leaves all his supplies behind and burns his money, he has no idea what he is doing. Later, he could have possibly used these supplies to survive for at least another day in Alaska. Altogether, this shows he was too naive to take the necessary precautions in order to survive in the wild.
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There are a few character traits that can be easily defined about him; however, one stands out as a superior. From all that is known about Rainsford, it can be inferred that he has perseverance. Although he knows the odds are stacked against him, he never gives up and tries his hardest to survive against the evil which pursues him. He puts up a fight and perseveres through the worst, and in the end, comes out on top. On several occasions, he even sits just a few yards from his attacker, waiting, persevering through the anxiety and endless possibilities of death. These details show Rainsford had perseverance, even through the worst, no matter