Genetic Engineering Essay

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Luke Garber
Human Genome Prodject

Genetic engeneering has been the subject of alot of debate in the ongoing question that effects many aspects of anyones day to dy life. For example questions you might ask yourself such as "is it ok for these oil companies to overprice the oil we all buy and use?" or you make a comment to someone in passing about how something like animal testing is considered cruel to some but ok to others so the legality of it is something that isnt just a open ended issue it requires alot of thought to decide what is and isnt ethical in our world today.

Some of the bigger examples of this you would expect to see these days are things like minipulationg genes to breed animals to have the characteristics of another species of animal it could n ot naturally develop. We live in a society where of supply of food is manufactured on smaller and smaller amounts of land making it neccisary to genetically enginere products like corn, wheat, soybeans or any other product you can expect to find in a salad you would eat weather you get it from a grocery store or a fancy resteraunt these seemingly mirical crops that are keeping us from going hungry might start to become dangerous in ways the people producing them could not even anticipate. such as overuse of pesticide to make a corn crop more resistant to an insect invasion but if you arent carful thousands of people could eat a batch of corn that isnt properly washed off and these things will get you sick or even worse. so be careful next time you see some fancy label telling you a product is better because of the use of things that are literally dangerous for human consumption if the right steps arent taken to control them.

Now it isnt to say that some of these seemingly miraculous things scientists are doing in the modern world around us cant have very positive effects as well on the world we live in. Think about the things you see day to day about how foods such as tomatoes or corn or any other major cash crop is being altered to grow multiple times the amount ever possible before in less time and in worse outdoor conditions.These innovations making the economy as a whole better by keeping the things every one of us buy and use every day and might not think that if these people didnt still mass produce these things we would not be able to have them as most people cant grow their own supply of food in this modern world. So while it seems like a risk to do some of these more daring alterations to these simple plants genetics to make them a super crop it is what keeps a majority of us fed on a dailey basis. While were on the topid of genetic engineering making more and more things possible these days why dont we take a look at a more political veiw on the subject. Such things as cloning or altering peoples genitics and their very traits artificially. While this may seem to some like a breath of fresh air from science fiction to science fact it is to others a frightening reality that things like lazers and nuclear weapons are becoming hand held weapons capable of blowing up whole cities in hours or less. But dont forget this is very important to other things in our lives we rely on more and more as time goes by. The police can tell who commited a crime using genetic codes in finger prints and now by testing DNA from any part of the body no matter how little and telling what the person who it belongs to might look like. Things like X-ray techknowledgy and advanced surgeries make it possible to save someones life from almost any kind of injury that even just a few years ago would have easily been a death sentence.

These issues may not have anything