George Washington Character Traits

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“I often say of George Washington that he was one of the few in the whole history of the world who was not carried away by power” (Robert Frost). George Washington was indeed someone who was not carried by power. Furthermore, he was an intelligent, humble, and strong man. He used this humility to stay in power during tough times and lead the nation. He led the nation through these tough times by his determination, strength, and courage. George Washington learned much of his many traits that made him a successful man from his childhood and throughout his family life. George Washington’s early was eventful and complex, he used what he learned from his childhood to become an intelligent adult.
George Washington’s early years were busy as his father
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She tended to the home and took care of the children. She had many slaves in the home that did her jobs for her, but she was the one behind them. Unquestionably, she was their driving force. She was the one with the task of telling the many slaves in the household what to do. Martha Washington was also very good at curing meats. It was what she prided herself in (“”). She used many of the vegetables and fruits that she grew in her garden to help make her meals taste the finest. Martha Washington was also very good at needlework. She worked on fine needlework, while her slaves worked on the more monotonous needlework. Many of the finer objects at the Mount Vernon household were made by Martha herself. In addition, Martha taught her friends, children, grandchildren, and even her slaves how to sew (“”). Her love for sewing was very strong …show more content…
By his courage and strength through tough times and his determination he overcame any trials that came his way. Specifically, his great upbringing is what we have to thank for this courage and determination. Even presidents today look to Washington as a great role model for how to lead the nation. According to Jacob Lew, “Every president since George Washington has taken executive privilege seriously.” Clearly, presidents have viewed George Washington with respect and used him as a role model during their terms. As a result, George Washington has become famous in the archives of history. He is taught to students across America and even in some other nations. He has become the role model for many political figures.

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