Effects Of Gun Control

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DATE: February 7th, 2014
SUBJECT: Gun control regulations and their implications

In light of an increase in public shootings, there has been a demand by some for an increase in gun ownership regulations. Though these demands seem logical a stricter set of gun regulations could have a negative effect of law-abiding citizens who intend to use guns for safety and protection of their families.

3 years ago, 2011, 60% of Americans were calling for enforcement of the current gun regulations, compared to 35% calling for new laws. It was in that same year that only 36% of the American population owned a firearm. From 2011 there was an increase in the amount of private firearms owned by American citizens. At this same time was a sharp decrease in the nation’s murder rate, almost an all-time low. It was in December 2012, after the Sandy Hook elementary incident, that demands for stricter gun regulations rose to 55% as compared to 44% saying to keep it the same. After 2012 the calls for stricter gun regulations actually started to decrease to 49%, in October 2013, tied with the second lowest percentage in American history. Of those who owned a gun in 2013, 60% reported the reason for ownership was for personal protection and safety. With us now being in 2014 a new survey was done to see the percentage of Americans who are content with the current gun control regulations. It was shown that 40% of Americans were content with the way things are now, 31% wanted stricter laws, 16% were in search of less strict laws and 5% had no opinion.

The problem that persists here is not the approval rate of Americans toward or against guns; it is the misconception that more guns lead to more crimes. Because of this belief advocates are pushing for stricter gun regulations that would prevent law abiding citizens from acquiring a firearm for protection in a timely manner. Slower acquisition of firearms can be detrimental to family protection in dangerous neighborhoods. Along with this is the risk that a public shooting that would have been prevented by that same law abiding citizen will have a higher possibility of succeeding. There are many instances not shown by the popular news channels in which a handgun owner was able to stop a public shooting from persisting farther than need be. There are also a great number of those stricter regulations advocates that are completely naive to the intended use of firearms by the law abiding citizen. I would like to educate and inform these people to these issues and provide evidence showing the lack of truth in the ideal of “Less guns, less crime.”

Those who will benefit from my solution to the problem are those looking to protect themselves and others from becoming