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Tell me about yourself
First of all, my name is , I am from Shanghai, Mainland China, I am 22 years old, and I came to UK to study since I was 16. In September 2008, it was my first time to entry UK and meets this country. From 2008 to 2011, I was study in Bellerbys College; Brighton for my English language, international GCSE, international business studies Foundation and Art Design Foundation.
I am actually girl deep love for life, there are so many things that I love doing with such as, reading, listening the music and cooking, growing flowers. When I was free, I would spend my time in cooking breakfast and dinner by myself using my own growing chives, coriander. After that I normally would make tea, and reading. I also interested in growing different kind of flowers, such as orchid, hyacinth. I am feel so glad when I see them growing very well.
Because of I am keen on reading, I found the benefits from it, When I meet the problem, whatever its about daily life, family, friends, or from work, the way of solve the matter is different from others, I think it is part of nature and part of acquired. Calm, no hurry, Conversion thought is always in my mind when I am solved the problems.
I am naturally confident and easy to be around, I worked really hard and never gave up if I maintain something, and as well as my education. I consider myself kind and ready to help others. I believe that I have considerate level of creativity within me, which help me come up with unique ideas. Through my creative quality I believe that I can use my ideas in coming up with solutions to the problems that people around me experience. In an organization creativity is a vital thing, which can give me an upper hand.
What is your one weakness?
Weakness is a part of every human being of course; I am also same with others. My one weakness is likely to delay work. This is a bad habit, this result is used to cause delay the work, reduced efficiency, sometimes can lead loss the opportunity.
Tell me about your greatest achievement
As I finished my foundation in Brighton Bellerbys College, I was studied at Coventry University London campus. London is a cosmopolitan city and the economic