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Biodiversity as a Global Issue
Biodiversity and its protection is a global issue that has more effects more than most people care to realize. Termed as the variety of life on the earth, it is defined by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity as the “diversity of ecosystems, species and genes, and the ecological processes that support them.” The “conservation of biodiversity” is a very broad; it covers a vast amount of areas from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations regarding the procedures for proper waste disposal to stopping the deforestation of the worlds’ tropical rain forests and over fishing of the earths’ oceans. Biodiversity affects almost every person in the world one way or another whether it involves the large oil companies to everyday medicine. The conservation of biodiversity is a global issue that has been fought over for many years but within the last hundred years became a more prevalent due to the vast industrial changes of the last decade. The people who believe in the conservation of biological diversity argue that it protects the world’s national resources and provides for the relief to the ongoing deforestation of tropical forests. The deforestation of these tropical forests can lead to the loss of crucial plant life that has many different uses. The first is the use that some of these plants have for agricultural purposes. Most of the world’s major food supply is based on a few plants, so if something were to affect these major food sources, having the biodiversity of other plant life could lead to a new creation of “new foods cultured for human consumption”(Diversity 2012) . Another reason why biodiversity is so important is the uses it has in medicine. Most scientists recognize that it is completely possible that the cure to almost any major illness. Biodiversity plays vital roles in maintaining human and animal health. Medicine has created a huge impact in the lives of almost every person in the planet in one way or another. A wide variety of plants, animals and fungi are used as medicine, vitamins and painkillers. Many natural products have been recognized and used as medicines by ancient cultures all around the world. More than 60% of the world population relies almost entirely on the plant medicine for primary health care. Scientists travel all around the world, talking to tribal medicine men to learn some of their secrets in order to take them back to the labs and make new medicines out of them. The conservation of biodiversity is also important in the realm of industrial materials. A wide range of industrial materials are derived directly from biological resources. These include building materials like lumber and iron, fibers, dyes, rubber and oil. The natural history museum says that, “natural resources like are being destroyed every day and these materials are not easily replenished and could lead to some serious problems down the road. “ (Natural History) However, even with the positives about the conservation of biodiversity, there are still some people who argue against it. Many of these are large industries are more for the profit and creation of jobs then caring about “a few innocent trees or fish”. Many people care more about the present and not the future. The destruction of forests and oceans can lead to many negative events but would be