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Briana Guevara
Final Draft of Work One
Let’s Save Earth Together
The world has changed drastically in the past 50 years, from population and technology to even new medicinal breakthroughs. There have been so many advances in cultures everywhere it’s no wonder people are unaware of serious environmental issues. Such as the billion hectares of earth’s rainforests that have been destroyed in the past 50 years. (Taylor) The rainforests of the world are crucial to thousands of animals, ecosystems, and the human race. What is left of the rainforests needs to be protected to prevent thousands of species from going extinct, restrict the dangerous carbon dioxide gas, and to help support and nourish the human population.
Every day people all around the world take many things for granted, specifically the resources that are taken from the rainforests themselves. People should care about earth’s forests for various reasons. For starters it is the birth place of many popular foods that are consumed daily. Such as coffee, tea, rice, corn, chocolate, bananas, avocados, oranges, mangos, pineapples and many more delicious natural foods. Other resources that are taken from the forests include different types of oils, gums, resins, fibers, woods, and houseplants. (Dikmenli) These are items people use every day and sadly the majority of people are not even aware of where these products come from.
Another very important reason people should care about protecting the rainforests is because of the plants. The plants of the forest are magical in a sense, many of them are used as herbal medicines and there have been several medicinal discoveries thanks to forest plants. Medicinal plants from the rainforests have not only greatly improved cancer treatment, but also helps cure heart disease, malaria, and several skin diseases. Every time a piece of forest is destroyed there is a good chance that medicinal plants are being abolished.
The third reason everyone should care about protecting the forests is because of its role with global warming. Every time a tree is burned down carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. (Gayford) This deadly gas is a major greenhouse gas that accelerates changes in earth’s climate, and initially the greenhouse effect is what causes global warming. Therefore a lot of carbon dioxide is flowing into earth’s atmosphere every single day because forests are being cleared out quickly. While the human race is taking advantage of forest resources, ironically we are destroying mother earth at the same time.
Saving the rainforest should be a priority for mankind because without earth’s natural resources civilizations would have never survived. There are a few ways to help save and protect what’s left of our forests. Simple things such as recycling, using less water, saving energy, and using less paper products helps toward saving the forests. Another great way to help protect the forests is by doing research and finding organizations that specifically help earth’s forests. There are hundreds of organizations in the world that dedicate their time and effort to save the forests. With a small donation the wildlife of the forests can remain safe and intact.
The final way to help save what is left of earths forests is to get informed on current