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Alternative VS. Mainstream Media

The ocean is warming up. The temperature is rising, and with it should be our concern. According to scientists from the Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystems Research project, with the temperature of the oceans reaching such a high it’s led the largest movement of marine species in two to three million years. Recourses are quickly diminishing, shows a study of fourteen protected and eighteen unprotected ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea. An international team of scientists oversaw the study for three years, concluding that fish populations in well-enforced marine reserve areas were five to ten times greater than the fish populations in unprotected areas.
Fox news a recognized mainstream media source reported on the Artic climate change. The article reports on a new massive federal study that says the world in 2012 filled with signs of climate changes; rising sea levels, snow melt, heat buildup in the oceans, and melting Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice sheets, all braking records. The data also shows a record-high sea level. Another fellow mainstream media source that has reported on this world issue is the famous CNN. Their 2011 article “Ocean Carbon Sinks Feeling the Heat,” discusses of how according to a new scientific study the oceans ability to soak up atmospheric carbon dioxide is being hampered by climate change. A fresh analysis of existing observational data taken from the locations across the North Atlantic Ocean recorded over a period of almost three decades (1981-2009) has revealed that global warming is having a negative impact on one of nature's most important carbon sinks. Lastly The New York Times wrote an article in the global collapse’ of fish species. The scientists, who reported their findings, say it is not too late to turn the situation around. As long as marine ecosystems are still biologically diverse, they can recover quickly once overfishing and other threats are reduced, the researchers say. Even something as simple as reducing the number of unwanted fish caught in nets set for other species would help. Marine reserves would also help, as would “doing away with horrendous overfishing where everyone agrees it’s a bad thing; or if we banned destructive fishing in the most sensitive habitats.” But predicting a global fisheries collapse by 2048 “assumes we do nothing to fix this.”
In the case of the Fox News only one source is credited (The Climate of 2012 report) and used throughout the article, with only these facts used it takes away from the credibility of the article. A good new piece uses many sources, uses more than one report of its facts. Worst in the case of CNNS story which doesn’t even clearly state the article resource pieces. When reading not just a piece on such a huge global issue, but rather any newspaper article you need backing; you need facts and figures, scientific studies, and expert options. Readers need to understand and clearly see where you got your information from, all going back to the credibility of the story. The CNN report “Ocean Carbon Sinks Feeling the Heat,” did not have that. Another common mainstream media tactic used is vague facts. For example, “Marine life facing mass extinction:” a fact, and truth. Yet however throughout the paper that fact was never mentioned again, nor was any proof or data to collaborate it. It was very disappointing to understand that these news giants think that just because their known, because they are mainstream their words don’t need any proof, their words are the truth. Lastly the New York Times report on the global collapse’ of fish species. The paper is written in less of a report format but rather in an opinion piece paper.
A quite popular alternative site, posted an article, “Climate Change Affects Biodiversity,” an article stressing the fact that although it has gained less mainstream media attention, the effects of increasing