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Donald Beck
February 10, 2014
Global Management & Hospitality
Brandy McKay
Mid-Term Paper

Aulani vs. Hualalai

Two of the biggest names in the hospitality industry both have giant luxury resorts on the islands of Hawaii. Disney’s Aulani which is based on the Hawaiian Islands most famous island, Oahu, and The Four Seasons’s Hualalai, which is based on Hawaii’s Big Island. Both resorts have invested an abundance of time and money in breathtaking views, fully packaged luxury suites, one of a kind pampering and service, and an experience that promises to live in your memories forever. Disney’s Aulani is an immersive Hawaiian resort and spa based in the Ko Olina resort and marina in the city of Kapolei. It offers amenities to all ages, but is definitely more known for being a family oriented type of vacation resort. While the Four Season’s Hualalai does offer amenities to all members of the family, it is more well known as a luxury resort name for adults. Hualalai is also based on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is more of an adult friendly vacation island, with less tourism and more serene views of the island, as well as more of a focus of “old Hawaii”. Disney’s Aulani is on the southern area of Oahu, which has a massive tourism population with the city of Honolulu, a more vibrant night-life, and the historic military base, Pearl Harbor. The Disney staff collaborated with WATG and Architects Hawaii Ltd. as well as with cultural experts to design and construct what celebrates the customs and traditions of Hawaii. Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are seen at the resort, which will give families a more familiar feel and experience at the resort. There are four room categories from studios to grand villas, two full-service restaurants, a buffet eatery, two lounges, and two pool-side "shacks" that serve beverages and pupus. The grounds include a 8,200 square feet pool complex that includes two slides, a lazy river and an artificial snorkeling lagoon. Disney also offers an abundance of activities for every age of the family from infants and toddlers to teens and adults. As for Hualalai, architects designed two-story bungalows arranged in the shape of a crescent, forming a kipuka. The low-scale post-and-beam structures of ancient Hawaiian villages influenced the style, incorporating broad overhangs, exposed eaves, and loosely defined interior and exterior spaces. Structures and hotel services were designed as open-air pavilions with unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. To add authenticity, Honduran Mahogany, koa, bamboo, and teak were used in the exterior and interior. Rooms are furnished in Hawaiian-style decor, with the addition of Native Hawaiian bedspreads. Landscape design was completed by Bill Bensley Design Group of Thailand. The resort shows off with seven different pools, as well as one kids pool, one restaurant on the grounds, and a slew of new amenities for all ages of the family. While both resorts show off an impressive resume of amenities, luxury suites, and near perfect service, the competitiveness of who can do Hawaii best is outstanding. Just about every name in the business has tapped into the Hawaii landscape, and on just about every island there is. From big names like Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt, Fairmont, and Marriott to smaller, more island bases names such as Kahala, Hapuna, and Honua Kai. There is no shortage of resorts that are trying to get your’s and everybody else’s business by offering something special. However, even with Disney being the bigger name in just about everything, the clear winner here has to be The Four Seasons with an impressive four different resorts that have all been awarded high honors as being the best resorts on the Hawaiian Islands. While the Four Seasons and Disney have about fifteen years of a separation from when they opened, Hualalai in 1996, and Aulani in 2011, both have a competitive edge in just about every aspect of luxury