Global Warming and Climate Change Essay

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Introduction and Literature review Our climate has become one of the most important issues in the recently of years. It has shaped public policy and affected how we do business. Knowing how climate change might impact humankind is of utmost significance. In this proposal, I am considering 5 variables for global warming initiatives in Bowling Green Ohio, and analyzing the data that I will collect. I want to know how these 5 variables are important for global warming in Bowling Green Ohio. Many people know the global warming, but most of them do not know it accurately. Now I want to introduce global warming in details to the readers. The definition of global warming is the continuing slight increase in the Earth’s average temperature which scientists believe will result in climate change through the world (Waay, 2006). Weather is the day-to-day behavior temperature, precipitation, and other weather elements. Climate is the result of many years’ worth of daily weather. Meteorologists study climate by looking at weather observations taken over about the past century, and pale meteorologists study ice cores and tree rings to learn how the climate has changed over the past several millennia. Climate is measured in terms of many centuries. There are a number of ways to measure climate change. They are including temperature, precipitation, biomass, sea level, solar activity, volcanic eruptions, and chemical. Different methods can be used into different situations (Pachauri & Reisinger, 2007). Estimations of what the atmosphere was like thousands of years ago are often gleaned by measuring gas concentrations in air bubbles trapped in polar or glacial ice cores, we only have about 125 years of reliable instrumental temperature data. Then I want to introduce another definition which is also very important for my proposal, this definition is about greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is warming of the surface and lower atmosphere of a planet that is caused by conversion of solar radiation into heat in a process involving selective transmission of short wave solar radiation by the atmosphere, its absorption by the planet’s surface, and re-radiation as infrared which is absorbed and partly reradiated back to the surface by atmospheric gases (Harcourt, 2010). Without the Greenhouse Effect, life as we know it would not exist on Earth. Some gasses in the atmosphere, especially water vapor and carbon dioxide, absorb heat and radiate it downward, warming the planet’s surface. The Greenhouse Effect is a good thing; the problem is how the concentrations of atmospheric gasses are altered by both human and natural influences. Although there are a few spots that have cooled slightly, much of the Earth is experiencing an increase in