Psychology: Climate Change and Global Warming Essay

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Summary 1: Changing minds to prevent climate change

According to Michael Price, a monitor of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the author of the article, “Changing minds to prevent climate change,” psychologists could work together with policymakers and the public in order to reverse the catastrophic climate change trends. This may be achieved by policymakers and the public adopting behavioral changing attitude based on systematic approach. Some of the ways to achieve these goals, which are based on psychological truth according to APA’s task force headed by Janet Swim, PhD at Pennsylvania State University psychologist ,are to reverse people’s notion of the undermining the idea of climate change, and to address the issues of social and cultural tendencies, which affects climate change. In addition, educating people more about and sensitize them on the adverse effects of climate change are other ways based psychological principles.
In addition, the task force advises that psychologists should have the information available for both the public and policymakers to access and understand because many people believe that psychology has nothing to do with climate change. The task force believes that psychologists need to approach the climate change issue by talking to the media about related topics, and ask the state and federal government to consider psychology’s knowledge.

Summary 2: Going green According to Tori DeAngelis a monitor of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the author of the article “going green” APA and its associates are putting into work their psychology expertise in the global warming issues, and they are also educating the public about current climate change issues. Some of their works include educating undergraduates and other scientists. Their main aspect in retreating global warming consists of our change in behavior and decisions that people make every day. The APA suggests few green activities that seem to be working. These activities include working with undergraduates to convince policymakers and local state that would benefit all the humanitarians. Another activity is working with task force to go on public about the psychological knowledge of global warming. A third action is to educate the public about how psychology can reverse the global warming. The third action is the APA division collaboration. Many divisions are coming together to work as a team. The final activity is going green. The APA suggests reducing carbon dioxide emission The two articles are related to the sociocultural perspective of psychology because the articles talk about policymakers and humans may change their behavior towards contributing to global warming through