Good Samaritan Essay

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Good Samaritan

A Good Samaritan is to help someone. I believe I have a few experiences of being a Good Samaritan just from the job I have and just helping out. I work at AutoParts and we help anyone who has questions or needs help. For instance we help them with Batteries, Alternators, Diagnostics and almost anything to help them with their car.

A day at work to me is helping people save lots of money and getting their car fixed. One day I had a customer ask for a battery. I got them the battery and they asked if I could install it for them. I said “Sure I can do that no problem.” There car was not starting anymore and the person who I was helping was a student at San Marcos State. She said “I really need my car to get to school and there is no other way I can get there because it’s so far.” So I took out her battery, put some special lubricant and terminal washers to help the battery life and defend against corrosion. After I installed the new batter I said “can you start it, to make sure it starts.” The car started and she was so happy that her car was running and was very thankful.

Another thing that I do and everyone else I work with is help people with their diagnostics system. If your check engine light is on we offer a code user that is free to use. What it does is reads through the cars computer and pulls codes on what is wrong with the computer. They also have the option to erase the code so the check engine light is not on. We also explain to them what the codes mean and what they can do to fix their car. If they went to a shop to have their system checked it would cost them at last $100.00 depending on which shop they go to just to find out what is wrong with the vehicle.

Something I do by myself to