Google and Warranty Replacement Essay

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I love my Chrome cast. It lets me stream videos to the HDTV without plugging the computer. It comes with youtube, netflix and hulu. You can also cast a website, which broadens the video choices indefinitely, however when you cast a website, it's not as smooth as the applications. If you are surfing through the internet at the same time, or doing online shopping at the same time, the streaming can become slow. Intermittent freezing occurs at that time, too. I don't know if it's from my computer/network or from chrome cast itself. It's way better than other options. The cost is great and I love it.
I had read reviews before I bought this product so I knew that it came with almost no set-up instructions. So after a little internet research we had it up and running. It works pretty well most of the time. Occasionally, it is jerky and seems like the audio and video just don't match up. Our biggest complaint so far is with the HDMI extender. We need it for our family room TV (which is primary TV we use when using Chromecast) After just 3 or 4 uses it developed a short in the wire. If you hold it "just right" and don't move, it works....... Since Best Buy only accepts returns within 15 days, even on defective goods, we contacted Google. and received the following via email: To process your warranty replacement, we will need to put a temporary hold on your credit card. You will need a Google Wallet to do so. Please visit to create an account using your own email address you provided above. As soon as I receive this additional information, I'll be happy to process a warranty replacement. Do yourself a favor....don't bother with this product!
This product works…