Government: Chief Financial Officer Essay

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­ Fire Chief
As the fire chief, his firemen all have the same duties in the fire department. The duties they do to help in Stockton are; working with citizens to help prevent fire, provide emergency medical care, perform fire­suppression activities, perform water rescue, protecting us from hazardous incidents, and performing heavy rescue. The fire department values are; integrity, services, teamwork, professionalism, pride, competency and accountability, importance of members and compassion towards their career. There are four fire departments located in; Boggs Tract,
Eastside, Lincoln, and Tuxedo Country Club. Being a firefighter is a challenge for a career. ­ Chief Financial Officer
It is a financial manager who oversees all of the financial activities. They hold all of the information of our financial debts and pays. They have skills in accounting, budgets, financial statements, and so on. They help by directing city financial planning efforts, reports on accounting and financial activities, debt investments/cash management, utility billing, and more.
They are absolute hard workers and help the citizens with their financial problems. ­ Public Works Director They manage the maintenance of the city. They do whatever it takes to keep their citizens happy by fixing streets and roads, so that there are no accidents. They mainly focus on street maintenance, recycling, design and construction, and so on. During each area that are doing maintenance will