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Government notes – Saturday 9/21/13

Federal System – power to govern dispersed over several levels; national and state government.
National has expressed powers and implied powers from the elastic clause.
Stave has reserved powers outlined in 10th amendments.
Concurrent powers are shared between national and state.

Unitary System of government – all power is located in central national government.
Political Culture – distinct and patterned way of thinking that impacts political lives.
Moralistic political culture – Government encourages citizens to be involved. Government wants to know the concerns of citizens. Lenient voter registration laws, hopefully increases voter turnout. Politicians have a duty. Obligation to serve the community.
Traditionalistic culture – Plantation society; wealthy families control everything. Politics are for the elite class. Average citizens not involved with politics. Government protects the rich/status quo. (Bass family in Fort Worth. Sam Walton in Arkansas)
Individualist culture – Government focuses on the private sector, bringing more business and economic development. Pro-business laws, right to work state. Politicians network and provide benefits to themselves. Lack of citizen involvement, all for business.
Different campaign strategies in each political culture.
Texas at the state level would be Individualistic. (Rick Perry encourages business to move to Texas)
Horizontal Federalism – states have equal power
Full Faith and Credit Clause – Civil laws of one state must be honored in another state.
Defense of Marriage Act – Federal law passed during the Clinton Administration. States don’t have to recognize same sex marriage from another state.
Privileges and Immunities – Citizen Visitors