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Interchapters John Steinbeck, the author of The Grapes of Wrath, uses interchapters to give the reader a better understanding of the novel. One of the main reasons Steinbeck uses interchapters is to foreshadow the regular chapters and the events that will happen later on in the novel. The interchapters fit well within the rest of the chapters. The interchapters help to give the reader a precise vision of the Joads’ harsh journey to California. It gives insight into factual evidence with the novel and helps to tell a specific section of the novel. One criticism of the interchapters is that they offset the flow of the novel. However, the interchapters are simply giving the author’s description of the events and settings. The interchapters help to give the reader visual of the harsh road traveled to California. They also show the conditions in which the migrants lived and what they had to go through on a day to day basis. A lack of interchapters would result in a less than sufficient understanding of the times and conditions. The interchapters help to educate the reader while giving them a more realistic sense of the time at hand. The first interchapter came about in chapter five. It deals with the tractors coming to the land. The interchapter shows the tension between the farmers and the banks. It shows the devastation the farmers faced. It also shows how passionate the farmers were for their land. It gives insight to what was really happening to the farmers while going into detail about the bank’s takeover of the farmlands. The tenant farmers were furious at the banks and the interchapter thoroughly describes this strenuous situation. The next interchapter can be seen in chapter nine. This interchapter