Great American Dessert Essays

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The Dust Bowl More Than Just Dust The Dust Bowl happened in the 1930’s. It happened because people were unaware that overgrazing and over plowing the area around them, which no one knew would cause this. Still there was another effect which was very little water and trees causing the area to get the nickname “The Great American Dessert”. This drought then in return caused severe drought starting in 1931, making every famers life difficult, some even went broke! Next when drought had worsened to the point where it caused the wind to rip up soil! It also even carried tons of land and dumped huge amounts over the Great Plains! Other effects of the drought included huge storms where wind blew as well, which suffocated people and made seeing almost impossible, which gave these storms the name “Black Blizzards”. In my next paragraph I’ll talk about the towns that were affected. The towns affected were all in the Great Plains these towns included Kansas, Texas Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The biggest effect most towns faced was drought. These storms killing all the farmers’ crops making all the farmers to go broke! But even this wasn’t the end! The Great Depression was going on at the same time making all of the economy go down even more! In return many people just moved away to different towns like California to start a new life away from the Dust Bowl. In return not only did people go broke there life’s were in danger the dust could suffocate someone and, made life difficult from seeing to breathing’s. The next paragraph is about how life was affected.

During the eight years during the dust bowl life was affected because of topsoil and land being blown everywhere. Then in return causing sight and breathing to be challenged and difficult. Another misfortunate event that occurred was, this happened during the 1930’s causing people to have to seek shelter in order not to suffocate or get lost in the wild, people even just held hands not to get lost as well in these “Black Blizzards”! Also as drought and storm took over the Plains, farmers