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prosperous middle class is the back bone of any democracy
Germany was thought to be the european leader- they (the germans) considered themselves to be a nation of poets and thinkers
Inflation was so bad in Germany in the 1920-30's the rise of the nazis how was hitler able to take over- he played upon the fears of the middle class (they thought they would lose their middle class status) hitler grew up in vienna- one of the most anti-semitic places on earth. hitler was raised to be racist. his mother died of cancer- her dr was jewish. as a young man hitler wanted to be an artist and applied to the viennise academy of fine arts and was denied and it just so happens the artists of the time were mainly jewish. when ww1 breaks out hitler volunteers and is a messenger. he carried orders from one trench to another. the average trench messenger only lived for 8 weeks- chance in history. after the war hitler was one of people who struggled after the war joined the german workers party- within a year he becomes head of the party- he chances the name to national socialist german workers party- the significance is that i denoted and increased aspiration- he wanted to appeal to both the left and the right wings- national- right socialist- left- shows aspiration takes over and becomes known
But Germany could have no army above 100,000 due to a treaty they were forced to sign with france- and everyone hated it-in 1923 hitler decides he is going to take over the government but it doesn't work- "the munik beer haul putsch" is what it is called hitler is put on trial for trying to over throw the gov. but he uses it as a way to speak to the people of Germany- he is only put away for 18 month and he uses the time to write his auto biography hitler begins by stating what is the secret of success in politics- to lie, he says- the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed. he says Germany didn't lose the law(lie) they were cheated by jews- it was the victim of a stab in the back- lie- he then states that all of the evils of Germany and the world comes from the jews(jews were only .3% go Germany) he said Germany need space and they wanted to go eat to poll and cause poll and is lesser he comes out of jail with more supporters- while he was in jail the german economy improved partly due to loans from america- but because of the great depression it gets worse and worse- no one is able to get Germany out of the depression- gov feared re-ignighting the hyper inflation hitlers nazi party engages in political innovation- they begin to campaign all year round- first political party to invent focus groups- gradually by the early 1930- the nazi party is the second largest party in the german parliament Reichstag- but by the end of 1932 because people were beginning to see thru the nazis- see through their fake promises- the party was losing momentum- yet a few months later hitler is made prime minister/chancellor through a political plot. in 1932 it was France Von Papen- he was a conservative- the cream of society- he was alarmed at the inablitlty of moral conservatives like himself to stem the games that the communist and socials were making ing Germany because of the economic problems- hilted said he would use illegal means to keep the left down- put down the communist
Von Papen elected him so he would take down the conservatives and then once he is done we will get rid of him- jan 30 1933- hitler assumes the chanselrship of Germany- a fire breaks out in the german parliament- it is burned down and in the rubble they find a man and blames it on him and uses this to get the german people to eliminate civil rights- he outlaws other parties and he makes an agreement with the catholic church that the church will support him and he will support the church- they had the common enemy of the godless communist- the pope a the time was a fairly enthusiastic supporter of the regime-- hitler is able to consolidate his power by nazifying