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Great Expectations Pip, an orphan who lives with his sister and her husband Joe Gregory, was at the cemetery one day when suddenly a convict threatens Pip to bring food and a file for his leg irons. Scared, Pip steals the food and file from his sister. However, the convict was caught and lied that he had stolen the items in order to save Pip. Then one day, Pip is taken to Miss Havisham, a weird lady who wears an old wedding dress, by his Uncle, Pumblechook. Miss Havisham is cruel and very eccentric, her house is dirty and al her clocks are stopped at the same time, but she has a beautiful adopted daughter named Estella. Pip soon has a crush on Estella, which Estella rejects harshly, however he still dreams of becoming a gentle men and marrying Estella. Later, Miss Havisham decides that Pip should become a common laborer in his family and with a few financial benefits from Miss Havisham; Pip becomes apprentice for his brother-in-law, Joe. Pip is unhappy, because he wanted to learn how to become a gentlemen, but still works under Joe with two other workers: kind, plain Biddy and mean, jealous Orlick. One day, after Pip had a fight with Orlick, Mrs. Joe is violently assaulted and becomes a mute. Pip suspects it is Orlick who attacked her. Then out of nowhere, a lawyer named Mr. Jaggers claim that Pip needs to go to London to become a gentlemen and is financially funded by a secret benefactor. Pip, suspecting it to be Miss Havisham, goes straight to London where he befriends a roommate named Herbert Pocket. While Pip learns to be a gentleman, the convict from the beginning comes visit Pip claiming he is the benefactor. Pip is shocked, but thankful and decides to give back by helping the convict, Abel Magwitch, escape. However, Magwitch gets caught and goes to jail, where he dies. Before his death, Pip confesses that Estella is Magwitch’s daughter and that he loves her. Pip goes back to the Satis House to visit Miss Havisham and Estella; while he was there Miss Havisham catches on fire and Pip saves her. Miss Havisham, thankful, continues to apologize to Pip for the way she treated him in the past. In the end, Pip works with his best friend, Herbert in Cairo in a shipping company. He sends money to ex brother-in-law Joe who later marries Biddy, when Mrs. Joe Gregory dies. When he visits them one time he noticed that they have a son, whose name is Pip. Later on he meets Estella, not as beautiful as she was before, who married his nemesis Drummle, but later who died, and then remarries a poor doctor.

Jane Eyre The story opens on an orphaned girl named Jane Eyre living with her aunt and cousins. Mrs. Reed, the aunt, hates Jane and allows her son, John, to torment her as much as he wants. At ten, Jane stands up to them and tells them what she thinks of them. She is locked up in the “red-room” where her uncle died and she claims that his ghost is returning. She has a hysterical fit and is later sent to a religious boarding school for orphans, called Lowood Institute. At the school, he orphans are constantly underfed or cold. However, Jane meets a new friend named Helen and a nice teacher named Miss Temple. Jane stays at the school until she is 16 and becomes a teacher there. However, an epidemic runs in the school and Helen dies of typhus. Also, Miss Temple gets married and leaves the school, which incites Jane to leave as well and become a governess. Jane teaches a girl named Adele Varnes in a house in Thornfield. She likes the house except the 3rd story where she hears weird laughter from a locked room. On day when Jane went out for a walk, a man falls off a horse, who she later takes care for. His name is Mr. Rochester. They began to like each other. Then one day, Mr. Rochester invites his rich friends to stay with him in Thornfield. And a beautiful girl named Blanche constantly flirts with him. Then Mason, an enemy of Mr. Rochester, visits and sneaks to the 3rd floor where he is stabbed and bitten to death. In the