Great Gatsby Essay

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|Character |Behavior |Consequences |
|Jay Gatsby | His idealistic and unrealistic way in which he saw Daisy. He molded her into a view he | His obsession for her love and wanting her to love him and get married drove |
| |liked, a view of perfection. |him to great ends. His sacrifice and obsession with her finally claimed his |
| | |life in the end. |
|Daisy Buchanan | Daisy was a beautiful shallow self-centered person. | Maybe she didn’t have any consequences because she wasn’t quite attached to |
| | |anything in her life, not even Jay. She tossed him aside when Tom becomes more|
| | |appealing after winning a confrontation with Jay. |
|Tom Buchanan | He demands from others things not even he can do. Sexist, hypocritical and, arrogant. | He doesn’t really have any true consequences, he is very much like Daisy. |
|Jordan Baker | Friends with Daisy, shares her Cynical, dishonest attributes. | She lives a fast paced life with a lurid lifestyle without any prospects to |
| | |finding a deeper meaning in life. |
|Myrtle Wilson | Desperate to improve her devastating life. |She changes it the wrong way, by being a rich mans mistress. Which |
| | | |
|George Wilson | His rage of his wife’s infidelity drives him over the edge. | He murders Gatsby and then later kills himself. |
| | | | ❖

Part two

I think the definition of “The American Dream” would be girls, money and a nonstop party lifestyle.

According the media, societies,