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"The Great Gatsby" is a story in which F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author, presents a variety of relationships that show the pursuit of something other than the American dream. The original American dream is that no matter what lifestyle you came from, you can always become successful in life through your hard work. The new American dream portrayed in the story is that wealth can get you anything over true personality anf beliefs. Fitzgerald shows the destruction of character that is caused by the new dream of wealth over everything, especially by the main character Jay Gatsby. Throughout "The Great Gatsby", Fitzgerald discusses the story of a young man's confusion in the world of romance, leading to change of character for the worse.

The Great Gatsby tells the reader about the destruction of the American Dream during the 1920s, a time period where this dream became corrupted by the pursuit of wealth. In this story, the pursuit of the new American Dream and the pursuit of a romantic dream are two aspects that caused Jay Gatsby's character to switch from reality to illusion.

Throughout the story, Gatsby avoids telling the truth about his struggle filled childhood. He does this to erase the image of his struggles from the outer world and also from his own mind. It also builds his reputation as a man of wealth, instead of being viewed as a man of poverty. Gatsby never accepted his parents as his actual parents because of the shame that came along with it. His parents were extremely lazy and unsuccessful individual, who spent their days working on the farm. The desire for Gatsby to put out a false image to the public shows his pursuit of accomplishing wealth over true personality, which leads to his destruction later on in