Great Gatsby Essay

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June 23rd, 1922

My Daisy,

I am afraid I have never been good with opening statements. I simply cannot find the words that will perfectly capture and adequately express my love towards you. No matter how I begin this letter, I feel as if my feelings towards you will somehow be conveyed with words. My love for you can only be described as unconditional and never ending. Ever since I first met you, “‘Five years next november’” (92), I have known that you and I are meant to be together for eternity. Whilst in Germany, I anticipated the day that we would be side by side again, and that was what I held on to during the war. I simply wish that we can be together forever, and that our love can be the shining light in the midst of this troublesome world. But I am afraid, that in order for that to happen you must leave Tom. You must tell him that “[y]ou never loved him”(132).

I am genuinely concerned about the way that Tom treats you. He is abusive and hurtful, it shouldn’t be that way; he should treat you as the beautiful, dainty lady that you are. I don’t think it is your fault that you ended up married to such a brute. Even the way he carries himself is overly aggressive, he has “a body capable of enormous leverage-- a cruel body”(7). I couldn't help but notice the way your knuckles are black and blue, proof of his abuse, which is not only physical but also emotional. Yes, darling, I know that he is not only aggressive, but his actions are unscrupulous. The whole city knows about his affair with Myrtle Wilson, one of several. I couldn’t possibly imagine how someone could hurt someone so angelic, so perfect as you. He doesn’t take you seriously; he mistakes you for a fool, and purposely contradicts everything you say. He’s always saying something along the lines of “‘...she gets foolish ideas in her head and doesn’t know what she’s doing’” (131). I don’t believe any of your thoughts are worthless, or foolish, I believe everything you say is so intricate and beautiful. So Daisy, please consider the fact that someone as repulsive as Tom does not deserve a splendid woman like you. Why stay with a man whose only intentions are malevolent?

My dear, I’m sure you remember that “[o]ne October day in nineteen-seventeen” (74), the day that I realized that you were the most beautiful girl I’ve seen. “‘[I] looked at [you] while [you] were speaking, in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at...’”(75). But you weren’t just any young girl to me, I saw my future in you. Unfortunately at the time I know you didn’t see your future in me because “‘ rich girls don’t marry poor boys’”(movie) , I understand this. Which is why I became wealthy and decided that I had to prosper for you. I throw large, boisterous parties in hope that perhaps you might stumble into one by chance. However, that did not happen. I started asking around for you, but your name seemed foreign to the people who attended my parties; just I started to lose hope I found someone who recognized your name-- Jordan Baker. You see Daisy,