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The Great Gatsby
Study Guide Questions Answers

Chapter 2

1. The valley of the ashes looks like a massive trash dump and represents the rotting American dream. 2. Myrtle has great vitality within her and Mr. Wilson loves and cares for Myrtle. They are of middle class and certainly do not fit into the life of the rich. 3. Nick establishes himself as a person inclined to reserved judgment. Nick in this chapter proves that he cannot hold his liquor well and as he was quick to pass judgment, in this chapter, Nick sits back and becomes an observer. 4. As Tom punches her and breaks her nose, Tom’s violent act foreshadows what his actions will be later in the novel.

Chapter 3

1. Nick seems to be very honest as he is very judgmental and relies a lot on first appearances. 2. As Nick sees Gatsby for the first time, he thinks of Gatsby as lonely and alone. 3. Some of the rumors that were spread about Gatsby were that he made money illegally and that her went to oxford. 4. Nick after meeting Gatsby thinks of him to be nice and friendly. 5. Gatsby is different from his house guests because Gatsby throws a party solely for the reason of trying to get daisy into the house. Gatsby does not get drunk like the rest of them. 6. Nick chooses to share his thoughts and feelings with Jordan because they are beginning a semi romantic relationship and Nick is confused as to how he feels. 7. Nick believes he is one of the few honest people but he isn’t always and I think that in the beginning Nick would be considered honest as he followed his fathers advice but later falls out of consistency.

Chapter 4

1. Rumors told about Gatsby included that he killed someone, was a German spy, a bootlegger, went to oxford. 2. Fitzgerald list all of Gatsby’s party guests because as Fitzgerald wrote “the people cam in like moths of the flame” it is showing how these guests of Gatsby were not friends of his and that they just came and went. 3. Gatsby tells Nick about his life because Gatsby wants Nick to trust him. Because nobody really knows about Gatsby, he doesn’t want Nick hearing wrong things about him. Nick has doubt that Gatsby is telling the truth even after showing the photo. 4. Meyer Wolfsheim was said to be the man who fixed the 1919 World Series. Gatsby and him seem to be very good friends as well. There is so much focus on his nose showing that Fitzgerald is somewhat being stereotypical against Meyer. 5. Jordan’s story tells us that Daisy at her bridal dinner was drunk and was in denial that she ever wanted to marry Tom at all. She falls apart over the matrimony to Tom. Daisy pulls herself together and marries Tom the next day. 6. Gatsby wanted Daisy to see his house because he wanted to impress Daisy with what wealth he has and also wanted to be alone with her. 7. Nick means that everyone falls into one of those categories. Gatsby is the pursuing as he is Daisy and Nick too is the pursuing as he is pursuing Jordan and Gatsby. The busy are Tom and Jordan as they are always doing something. The tired is mostly Daisy as she barely is doing anything.

Chapter 5

1. Gatsby does to deliver many goods and services to Nick’s house because Gatsby feels the need to impress Daisy, knowing that Nick has invited her over. He sends flowers to Nick’s small cottage and a man to mow his grass. 2. The effect of the rain on this chapter may be symbolizing a foreshadowing to something sad later in the novel. It may also symbolize the gloominess in the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. 3. Gatsby offers Nick work because he is nervous because Gatsby wants Nick to agree to his plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Nick agrees and Gatsby is overjoyed then proposing the job offer. Nick is then somewhat offended and sees the offer as kind a payment for arranging the meeting with Daisy, as if Nick was being used. Nick declines the offer. 4. The green light