Greek Mythology Is Still Relevant Today

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Mythology is embedded somewhere in our minds. We all know or overheard one or two stories that are part of mythology. Most know the story of Hercules or the Disney version of the story. Some might know Troy, or the golden apple, and even The Odyssey, a famous one by Homer. All these and more are in our daily lives, whether you admit it or not. We make or think of references to these stories in at least one of our conversations. One reference we all know is “that’s my Achilles heel.” Another one is, “I did not see that trojan horse coming.” Recognise these, those two are references to the Battle of Troy, a Greek Mythology. There is not only Greek mythology which is the most famous right now, there are Norse, with Thor and Asgard, Egyptian with Ra …show more content…
It’s important to learn some Mythology because it teaches something other than just how to make a good story. We know that children are suppose to learn proper etiquette and what right and wrong from their parents, but what we forgot is that children also learn some of those values, more than others from stories which include mythology. So I strongly agree with the author that wrote, WHy Ancient Greek Is Still Relevant Today when he said, “these myths were told to people and it helped them realize the difference between right and wrong. It helped them come to terms with how they should be humble and never think themselves immortal.” Another thing that mythology teaches is important values such as, “honor, loyalty, cUorage, perseverance, ingenuity, and adaptability.” Said Halen Allison in, Why Ancient Greek Heroes Are Still So Appealing In Today’s Culture. So