Grief Research Paper

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It starts with happiness, then death, then sorrow and finally grief. How do you deal with grief and what is it?
Have you ever thought about my cat is about to die or my grandfather is getting very sick? While this is the right place to look. Although I could not find any statistics for Australia, I did find for the United States of America. In United States of America, there are about 2 million people that die every year and most of these families are 5 people which terns out that there are more than 10 million people that get grief. Grief is our mental response to loss. Grief is a normal reaction that happens when loved ones pass away. It can last weeks, months or even eternity. You may think it is gone, but when a smell or a memory appears
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For example, the intuitive approach and the instrumental approach. With children, the funerals and bodies of the loved once are important events. You should encourage and support a child to do these things, but you can not force them. Research has shown that a there is a link between the experience of grief and ill health. Grief can effect our immune system. The symptoms are headaches, nausea, aches and pain, colds, anxiety, depression band eating difficulties. Hear are some coping strategies for when you get grief, crying, time alone, activities, time with your family, pampering, support team and professional help. Grief can bring up a lot of philosophical and spiritual questions. It may make use to consider our faith and meaning of life. Peoples experience of loss may destroy lots of there beliefs in the world, such as the world is a safe place or bad things don’t happen to good people. Normally, these belief are shattered when someone experiences loss. The experience of many peoples grieving have been described as re-learning the world. People think that the death of a loved one means letting of of them and their memory, but many people still have a relationship with their loved one by remembering.