Gun Control Arguments

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Gun control is a government’s way of limiting the purchase and ownership of firearms in order to reduce violence caused by the use of the firearms. Mainly the goal is to control access to convicted felons and the mentally ill. The issue of gun control has sparked many arguments. Americans have a constitutional right to own guns but are the requirements for purchasing and maintaining ownership strict enough?
Speaking in The United States, the ability to buy and own guns is a constitutional right under the second amendment. Some feel that we should amend this right, like John Paul Stevens, who advocates changing the second amendment’s confusing language to clarify that it only applies to those serving in a militia. "A free people ought not only
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To own a firearm the only requirements are that you have not been a criminal, on paper. There are not any required classes or safety awareness. You simply need to pass a background check and a short mental evaluation. The idea of using a background check as the main means to sort out the good people from the bad is a magnificent example of the many things wrong with gun control. If stricter gun control laws were implemented it would only affect law-abiding citizens, they will be jumping through hoops in order to get a gun to protect themselves with and the criminals will continue to get their guns through illegal venues as they always …show more content…
These incidents have recently gained awareness thanks to the general public taking videos with small cameras and cell phones. These shootings have sparked an outrage across the nation. Incidents like: Philando Castile who was shot in his vehicle after being pulled over at a traffic stop. According to his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, Castile told the officer he had a concealed weapon, along with a permit for it. As he was reaching for his wallet, he was shot. Samuel DuBose who was shot by a University of Cincinnati police officer who stopped his car for missing a front license plate. The officer's body camera captured footage of shooting. Walter Scott was shot eight times in the back by a policeman while fleeing from a traffic stop. He was unarmed at the time. Armed or unarmed the recent killings of black citizens have once again reignited a national debate about law enforcement tactics and race in America. When police gear up for work they are wearing full tactical military grade equipment, wear bulletproof vests and are geared as if they are going to war.
Gun violence has always been an issue in the history of The United States. Pragmatically speaking gun control is working, for the most part, American citizens don't have to fear for their lives if they leave their residence. The school shootings and massacres such as the