Gun Violence Essay

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In recent times, we have come to seen an increase in school violence. For example,Newton Connecticut,Chardon High School,and Texas University,to name a few. Many have come to the conclusion that the reason this is happening, is because of Movies,Games,and even the easy accessibility to weapons.
A popular director,Quinton Tarantino, is known for his gory,heavily violent, films. He was recently accused of being one of the main reasons why we have seen an increase in school violence. Many people believe that because we have so many movies,that show killing people,we have become accustomed to seeing someone get shot,or stabbed,and feel nothing. By seeing these movies, the feelings that would normally horrify and cause a big reaction,seems to be repressed.Although Tarantino,along with other directors,claim that it's not their movies,but a mental illness,we have to know that on some level,these movies might push mentally unstable people,over the edge.By seeing these movies, it provokes the person.
Video games have always been a popular phenomenon. People wait in line for hours just to get the new call of duty,or modern warfare.The goal of these games are to kill as many people on the other team as you can. From a personal point of view, I have seen people play this game,though I don't participate. If you have the chance to watch someone play,I would suggest observing them. The reactions of the players heat up quickly when the game is started.Screaming and using vulgar words are just some of the many actions that become accustom, when playing these games.Its almost like a switch turns off in someone, and they become a different person. In a way, many people see these games as just repressing the feeling of remorse in someone.Personally, it doesn't seem doubtful.
Recently,President Obama has become strict on having better background checks,and limiting the accessibility to weapons. In earlier years, it seems that almost anyone could have a weapon,as long as you "pass" a background check,and paid.These background checks however,weren't as strict as you would want them to be.There have been many cases where background checks haven't even been made on people.However,now that it has become known that people could lose the right to obtain a gun,a frenzy of