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HR Function * HR consists of Employment Services and Compensation; Organizational Relations, Learning & Development; and HR Operations. * Employment Services is responsible for recruitment and retention. The Employment Services and Compensation team offers consulting services to employees, supervisors and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following: * Compensation policy interpretation and application * Salary analysis for Officer and Exempt Professional positions * Creation, reallocation or recruitment for Classified positions * Faculty selection and compensation * Requests for exemption, recruitment or waiver for Exempt Professional positions * In-range and discretionary pay requests * Additional remuneration * One time payment requests * Review and consultation for personal services contracts (Scope of Work) * Separation leave payouts * Consultation on Classified retention rights and layoff processes * Review of requests for compression and equity increases * HRMS use and security access * Approval of appointments in the HRMS system for Denver campus * Overtime eligibility determination (Fair Labor Standards Act) * The Organizational Relations, Learning & Development team offers consulting services, advice, support and referrals to employees, supervisors and managers who have questions or want assistance with the following: * Policy and rule interpretation and application * Performance management * Education and development * Management and Organizational Consulting * Exempt Professional search processes * Communication efforts * Employee recognition * Managing leave including Family Medical Leave * Workplace violence, harassment and other forms of discrimination investigations * Classified staff grievances * Progressive discipline including corrective actions and disciplinary actions for classified staff * At-will terminations * Unemployment hearings * Employment rights including equal employment opportunity and affirmative action
What’s more, Organizational Relations, Learning & Development is responsible for the design and delivery of training and development programs. It includes new employee orientation, preventing sexual harassment, online learning resources, manager's toolbox (It is a mandatory training for supervisors of classified staff. For those supervisors who need training, you may elect to take the training online or attend an on-site session. The following includes links for online training and a schedule of classes that will be offered on-site. Classes included: Performance Management, and Discrimination and Harassment.) and professional development opportunities.

* The HR Operations unit is responsible for personnel files, handling records legal requests, partnering with PBS on compliance, employment verifications, personnel file maintenance, I-9 compliance and record maintenance, background checks, exempt professional file maintenance, data entry for applicant equal employment opportunity data, maintenance of state classified, exempt professional and faculty job postings, records auditing, and updating and maintaining the Human Resources web site.

* There are 25 individuals who are directly associated with the HR Department. For the Organizational Relations, Learning & Development unit, most of staffs have bachelor's or MS degree or have experience equal to that. For the HR Operations unit, it is required for them to have at least high school degree and some working experience. Most of current employees who work in the HR Operation have bachelor's degree.

* Each of these three units has directors. They are director of Employment Services, director of Organizational Relations, director of Learning & Development and HR Operations. They are responsible for regular ongoing decisions in their