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Half and Half Questions 1. The chapter Half and Half is about Rose Hsu Jordan and not so much her life story but important times in her life. The chapter starts off talking about her marriage and how she receives the news from her husband Ted that he wants a divorce. So as she decides how to talk to her mother about the issue she remembers how her mother lost her faith in god. This happened by her little brother Bing fell in the ocean when they were on a beach trip and his body was never found. 2. A simile I found in this chapter is when Rose states, “Her hair, her clothes, they were all heavy with the cold water, but she stood quietly, calm and regal as a mermaid queen who had just arrived out of the sea” (Tan 126). This text compares Rose’s mother An-mei to a mermaid after she just swam in the ocean looking for her son Bing, Roses brother, and the rescue team had to pull her out themselves. She compares her to a mermaid queen because when she gets out the water she is soaking wet but in such a state of shock that she is silent, like a humble queen. 3. The most significant quote too me in this chapter is when Rose states, “But somehow, when you lose something you love, faith takes over” (Tan 131). This text signifies how Rose and even her mother felt when her little brother Bing died at the beach that day. They felt as if the only answer to their problems was faith because there was nothing left to depend on after feeling that pain they went through. 4.…