Hamlet Killing Claudius Analysis

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Claudius uses Gertrude to his advantage when gertrudes watches Hamlet go ¨ mad as the sea wind when both contend (...) apprehension kills the unseen good old man¨ (Shakespeare 189). Hamlet from this is shown as going crazy before he kills Polonius, while Gertrude was watching this all unfold. This shows betrayal from Gertrude on her son Hamlet, by telling Claudius that he has killed Polonius. Gertrude can be seen as being controlled by saying ¨ I shall obey you¨(125). Gertrude has told Claudius information on what Hamlet has doing to Claudius, by only noticing that there was something disturbing Gertrude. Leaving Claudius to always know what Hamlet was doing.
After the death of old Hamlet, Gertrude marries Claudius in a hasty manner. Which
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Hamlet killing claudius would only fix the issue of the revenge that he seeks for his father. It would not fix the issues of elsinore from which it faces from fortinbras ¨of unimproved mettle hot and full (...) sharked up a list of lawless resolutes (Shakespeare,13) ¨. After Fortinbras lost his father in a war between old Hamlet. Fortinbras also seeks revenge by taking back the lands his father once had. When it comes to revenge there can be different numerous reasons behind what causes it “melancholia leads to revenge if the only other option is suicide (...) revenge turns it against someone else¨ (Corum,139). This quote can give a better understanding why Hamlet was attempting to kill claudius. Not only was Hamlet trying to kill claudius out of vengeance for his father's murder but also Hamlet does it out of the deep sadness, he feels after the death of old Hamlet and also Gertrude hasty marriage to …show more content…
Hamlet lashes out anger towards Ophelia when she was returning the gifts that Hamlet had given her. Ophelia was told by polonius and laertes to not trust Hamlet. This is what enraged Hamlet because not only was she giving the gifts back but it signified that Ophelia did not want to be with him from Polonius and Laertes had told her. Hamlet is having to deal with the recent death of old Hamlet and his mother Gertrude marries his uncle in less than a month after his father's death that “Hamlet's character is dominated by conflicting emotions”(Yucel pg.2). Hamlet is faced with his emotions on having to deal with his uncle now being married to his mother. Hamlet also has to deal with ophelia on not being to be with him. Hamlet having to deal with all of this can be a reason behind the madness in his actions and conversations. Hamlet’s emotions were uncontrollable that “(...) it makes him wish Gertrude were not his mother, so powerful he momentarily desires to kill her.(Corum 185). Hamlet's emotions are in a way controlling him. Hamlet would have this desire for the wrong doing his mother has done to him. Hamlet's madness is seen from when he is talking to himself “To be or not to be - that is the question: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer”(Shakespeare 127). Hamlet is talking to