Hamlet Would of Made a Good King Essay

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When a little boy is born an heir to the throne, the correct process is to grow up and take the place as king. For Hamlet, the protagonist in Hamlet by William Shakespeare, that process is shockingly interrupted. "For he was likely, had he been put on, / To have proved most royal" (V.ii.390-391). This quote was said by Frontinbras saying if Hamlet had lived he would of proved to be a great king. Throughout the play, Hamlet has shown that he had all the qualities that would have made him a remarkable king. Hamlet was an intelligent, rational, clever person who had good morals. His intelligence lead him to outwit his enemy, his rationality lead him to make good decisions, his cleverness lead him to seek the truth and his morals kept him …show more content…
A king needs to be clever to out think his enemies and to protect his kingdom. He needs to be able to think and evaluate situations that would make him one step ahead of his opponents. Hamlet is indeed a very clever person. In order for Hamlet to seek the truth about his father's death, and find out if the ghost was telling the truth he must use his cleverness. Hamlet switches the original play into an re-enactment of his father's death.

"There is a play tonight before the king./One scene of it comes near the circumstance/Which I have told thee of my father’s death./I prithee, when thou seest that act afoot,/Even with the very comment of thy soul/Observe mine uncle. If his occulted guilt/Do not itself unkennel in one speech,/It is a damnèd ghost that we have seen,/And my imaginations are as foul"(III.ii.69-79).

This quotation above exemplifies how Hamlet uses his cleverness to his advantage. He asks his loyal friend Horatio to look at Claudius's face when the scene of his dad's death comes. This shows how Hamlet knows how to use his cleverness to be one step ahead of his opponent.

The most important quality a king should have is morals. A king should have good morals and stand by what they believe in. If they do not have good morals and don't stand up for what is right the people they rule over would feel they are unfit to rule. When you have good morals people respect you and look up to you. Hamlet