handbook for boys research paper

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Handbook For Boys Research Paper
Alejandra Alvarez
Womack Walter Dean Myers is one of the most important writers of children books of our age. Myers Handbook For Boys demonstrates realistic plot, theme, and realistic characters. Myers was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia, August 12, 1937. When his mother died while giving birth to his little sister, Myers was given over as a child to Florence Dean, who was the first wife of George Myers (Walter's biological father), who raised him in Harlem, New York. Myers later took on "Dean" as his middle name in honor of his foster parents Florence and Herbert. Myers attended Public School 125 on Lasalle Street before dropping out of high school He had three children Karen, Dean, and Michael with his first wife. He also had another son with his second wife. Myers attended city college of the city University of New York. (Aaron Saari page 145) Throughout his career, Myers was a teacher of creative writing and black history in New York in 1974. He was also a New York state supervisor in 1966-1970. He served in the US Army Military service in 1954-1957. (Aaron Saari page 146) Myers won a interracial books for children award in 1968. He won an award for best book for young adult critation in 1978. He also won Coretta Scott King Award in 1980. Myers had so many amazing writings. One of them was ‘’Where does the day go’’ which he wrote in 1969. Another one was ‘’The Dragon takes a wife’’ in 1972. Fly Jimmy Fly’’ was also one of his famous writings in 1974. (Aaron Saari page 145) The book Handbook for boys is about two characters, Jimmy and Kevin who are two troubled kids living in Harlem, Duke who is the owner of his own barbershop in which he employed both Jimmy and Kevin to save them from juvenile detention. Duke and his friends Mister M and Cap that are usually in the barbershop, teach Jimmy and Kevin how hard life is (like rules about life and how life works). Even though Duke and his friends would make Jimmy mad most of the time. Jimmy is the one that took their teachings and lessons seriously. Kevin takes their lessons like a joke and doesn’t really care. At the end Kevin ends up in jail for possession and Jimmy learn valuable lessons from Duke and his friends and he begins to mentor other troubled youths. ‘’Much more realistic are the one on one scene between Jimmy and other characters’’. I agree to this opinion. As I was reading along the book, and reading along the conversations Duke was having with Jimmy…