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Summarize, Paraphrase, and Quote:
When and How
Use When:
A brief overview offers sufficient support.
You can easily describe the essence of the information without many details.
Steps to a Summary:
Read & review the information.
Prepare a short statement that includes the main idea(s) you want to convey.
From Fast Food Nation – p. 259-60
(original wording in the book) – The starting wage of a part-time worker at InN-Out is $8 an hour. Full-time workers get a benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. The typical salary of an In-N-Out restaurant manager is more than $80,000 a year. The managers have, on average, been with the chain for more than thirteen years. The high wages at In-N-Out have not lead to higher prices or lower-quality food. The most expensive items on the menu costs $2.45. There are no microwaves, heat lamps, or freezers in the kitchens at In-N-Out restaurants. The ground beef is fresh, potatoes are peeled everyday to make the fries, and the milk shakes are made from ice cream, not syrup. (summarized information) – The In-N-Out Burger restaurants buck the trend of typical fast-food establishments by paying their employees well plus offering freshly-prepared food while holding down the price of menu items (Schlosser
Use When:
A main idea + supporting details are essential for making a point.
Steps to a Paraphrase:
Note the creator’s unique ideas and angle/attitude on the topic.
Put away the original work.
Write an interpretation using your words in a different arrangement from the original. Review the original and your description, making sure that they are not too similar.
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From Fast Food Nation – p. 81
(original wording in the book) – Many of the customers look down on fast food workers and feel entitled to treat them with disrespect. Sweet-faced Elisa is often yelled at by strangers angry that their food’s taking too long or that something is wrong with their order.
(paraphrased information) –Fast food restaurant working conditions frequently require employees to face arrogant customers, upset about the service or their food
(Schlosser 81).

Use When:
A creator’s unique