Happiness: Education and Student Athlete Essay

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Kyeshia Marshall
BSM 110
Professor Postiglione
26 November 2012

Being a student athlete I have learned and witnessed a lot these last years in school, when it comes to sports. Sports seem to play a bigger role in a student’s life and it probably always will. It’s not so much the students fault for accepting it, because they obviously got it from someone that it was okay to think this. Most students have the full opportunity to learn and get a great education, but by sports being so big they seem to quickly lose sight of the educational part. Then sports become their biggest concern. That’s what’s wrong with all the athletes today they get such big heads about sports that doing homework and studying just doesn’t mean anything to them. You can’t just put the blame on the athlete because it’s not completely their faults, their getting the message from somebody. These athletes are treated like queens and kings of their schools because they play sports. This mentally gets to the athlete and makes them feel like they can’t be stooped or touched. Kind of like sports will always protect them no matter what, and it’s sad to say that sports do help a lot of these athletes. The fact that many students think they have what it takes to make it Professional , makes them have an even bigger head and motivates them to put even more time in their sports. Its does shape and form the students for the better but it doesn’t help motivate them to do book work. I’m kind of in the middle with this one because I agree with the author that "We ain't come to school to play classes" because that’s the superior mentality majority of these student athletes have today. Its weird though because they only think this way because somebody is influencing them to believe this. That school work should come secondary to sports. But then when you have somebody in your ear 24/7 telling you all you need to do is continue to play sports, then that’s all you seem to know. It can happen to any student athlete. But then I feel it can be debated upon because most athlete work so hard to be able to play sports, they seem to know the benefits of school and don’t base everything off of them just playing…