Essay Happiness: Industrial Revolution and American Dream

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What is happiness? Happiness is a puzzling thing. Wouldn't you love to experience this? I would! Who can experience happiness? Everyone. Who's everyone? Me. Me. Me. You. You You. COMPLETELY ANYONE. How happy is too happy? You may never be too happy. Imagine living in the perfect world in which you have achieved wealth and have the ability of receiving any material you could ever dream of. Have you reached the American dream? Have you accomplished complete happiness? Can attaining wealth bring a person happiness? The definition of the American dream varies depending on the individual. For some, it simply means equality and freedom for all of America. While for others, it means a life of material comfort and happiness. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s main aspiration is to achieve the perfect American dream; however, as he struggles to reach the American dream, it is evident that success is impossible. The Industrial Revolution had a huge impact on how humanity is today. In the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, many people lived in the countryside. However, large landowners made small farmers give up on farming and move to the cities. As the industries started to grow, the cities also grew too. This then led to modern technological advancements that we still used today, such as railroads, cars, steam engines, modern appliances, and computers. It also created a huge rise in the following natural resources: water power and coal to fuel the new machines, iron ore to construct